Manufacturer: BM Power

Brick Cutters

Brick Cutters

Power: 2.2Kw 
Voltage: 380V/220 Monophase
Speed: 3600 Rpm
Blade Size: 300/350ᴓ
Blade Type: Diamond or Abrasive
Slide: 400 x 600mm

Versatile Cutting:
Brick, Tile, Terrazzo, Masonry, Refractory, Stone Materials

Concrete Mixers

Concrete Mixers


Technical Data

CX 10/150 Pump kit for 7/8” vertical shaft engine (Engine Not included)

Cold Water High Pressure Cleaner

Washer, cleaner, high pressure cleaner COMET the best you can find.

Cold Water High Pressure Cleaners with Four-Stroke Engine

General Features
Ideal for use in the hobby & semi professional market the CX are the smallest of the four stroke engine range.
Both are very handy for washing “on the field” cars, motorcycles, boats, caravans, fences, yards, garden furniture, animal homes, etc.
The CX are equipped with VRX COMET vertical pump with axial pistons.

General Features
• Chassis on 2 wheels

FDX 13/150 with GX160

FDX 13/150 with GX160 Petrol High Pressure Washers

High-pressure cleaners with petrol motor
Sturdy and reliable
Greater manoeuvrability
Sturdy and reliable structure
Large-tyre wheels for very easy handling even on rough terrain, castors for greater manoeuvrability
Pump protection casing
Handle equipped with practical supports for housing the spray gun, lance and delivery hose
Ejector for dispensing the detergent at low pressure
Water filter opens for inspection at pump inlet
Honda petrol motors Series GC and GX
No motor oil safety device (oil-alert)

FDX2 16/210 with HONDA GX34

Petrol High Pressure Washers

Heavy duty construction
Strong frame on 2 wheels 
Convenient location of hose reel when applicable
Easy maintenance
Convenient storage for gun, hose and lance on the handle
Large size pneumatic wheels easy to move on stairs and uneven grounds
Low pressure detergent system
Easy to check water filter
Professional unloader valve
Self priming pumps
(not in FDX2 10/150)



Generator / Welder: OMHW200/390
AC Frequency: 50Hz
AC Output voltage: 220V
Rated AC Output; 6Kva
Welding Amps/Voltage

Model: GX390
Displacement: 389cm3
Max. Power Output @ 3600 RPM: 13HP
Fuel Tank Capacity: 6.5 Litres

Dimensions: (L x W x H): L970 x H735 x W660 mm)
Dry weight: 98 Kg