Products: Brushcutters


Brushcutters from STIHL are the ideal choice on difficult terrain and particularly wherever motor mowers are out of their depth. Depending on the engine rating and cutting tool selected, these brushcutters can be used for everything from trimming lawn edges to thinning gnarled bushes. Different performance classes give you ample choice to find the right machine to meet your needs. Ask your STIHL dealer for further advice.

Light Brushcutters

FS 38 Light Brushcutters

STIHL's light brushcutters quickly restore order along the side of the house or walls and under trees or bushes. When fitted with the appropriate cutting tool, they are also suitable for mowing small patches of grass.


Mid-Range Brushcutters

Stihl FS 120 Brushcutters

The powerful STIHL brushcutters stand out through their robust, high-torque engines for effortless and economical clearing of tough scrub, gnarled bushes and large grassy areas.