Products: Chainsaws

stihl-logo.gifSTIHL has set standards in chainsaw development for over 70 years. Innovative technology, ergonomic design and outstanding quality have made STIHL chainsaws known worldwide. STIHL can supply the right chainsaw for every job: from compact saws for hobby users to really powerful saws for cutting timber, with power ratings from 1.2 kW to 6.4 kW (1.6 HP to 8.6 HP).

Arborist Chainsaws

MS 192 T Arborist Chainsaws

This arborist saw has been specially designed for professional tree surgeons and is only to be used for tree care. This chainsaw is only intended for use by trained tree service personnel.


Low - Noise Electric Chainsaws

MSE 140 C - BQ Electric Chainsaw
STIHL electric saws produce little noise, making them suitable for use indoors or near homes. All they need is power from a wall outlet.

Petrol Chainsaws For Agriculture And Landscaping

Building with wood, cutting firewood, harvesting small timber or pruning fruit trees - many jobs on farms, in gardens or in landscape maintenance can effectively only be handled with a high-quality chainsaw.

Petrol chainsaws for forestry

MS361 Petrol Stihl Chainsaw

STIHL chainsaws have for a long time been indispensable helpers in the forestry industry - and not without good reason, for the STIHL chainsaws in the performance class up to 3.4 kW offer robust, handy technology with not a gram more weight then is necessary. This makes them ideal for thinning, for harvesting small timber and for felling medium-density stands.

Petrol Chainsaws For Property Maintenance

MS 170 Stihl Chainsaw

Our light chainsaws are ideal for garden or landscape maintenance, for effectively cutting firewood, shaping trees or thinning woods. Like all STIHL chainsaws, they combine high performance with optimun handling and set standards in terms of comfort and convenience.

Rescue Saw

Rescue Saw

Rescue saws have been developed for emergency service crews (firemen, technical maintenance personnel, rescuers). They are versatile and powerful, aimed at the experienced user.