Products: Garden Shredders

VIKING's powerful garden shredders make short work of everything: hard wood and soft garden waste alike. The volume is significantly reduced, while also providing the best basis for producing organic fertiliser to make your garden really bloom.

Electric Shredder with Chipping Unit

GE 105 Electric Garden Shredder

The GE 105 electric shredder can do it all: It chips branches and twigs and shreds soft material. With a powerful motor, multi-cut blade system with two feed openings, it is perfect for these tasks.

Electric Shredders with Shredding Units

Electric Shredders with Shredding Units

Garden waste – no problem
For large quantities of garden waste such as flower cuttings, vegetables, leaves and bushy twigs, these classical shredders are ideal. They process large volumes with little nose, reliably reducing everything into a small pile of shredded material. Your garden is cleared up in no time at all.

Low Noise Electric Garden Shredder

Low Noise Electric Garden Shredder

Quiet yet powerful, its slow-running crushing device shreds tree and hedge cuttings. Branch material with many side shoots and twigs is automatically fed in through the cloverleaf opening, broken up and shredded for composting.

Petrol Shredders

Petrol Garden Shredders

Ideal for mobile use
These powerful petrol shredders, for example the GB 370 S with an inclined chute and Multi-Cut 370 for branches up to 45 mm in diameter, are perfect for gardens without a power supply. The GB 460 C petrol multi-shredder is twice as good, with separate chambers for soft material and branches up to 75 mm in diameter.