Products: High Pressure Washers

High Pressure Washers

Be it in industry or around the home: the high pressure cleaners from STIHL are guaranteed to make a clean job of even the most stubborn dirt. Their range of equipment and professional technology makes even the toughest job easier and the large variety of special accessories leaves nothing to be desired.

Compact Range High Pressure Washers

RE108 High Pressure Washers

Compact and powerful, handy and dynamic: the STIHL compact range of cleaners has a lot to offer. All the models in the class are equipped with automatic cut-off, as well as a practical plug coupling, anti-drill coupling and nozzles that can be easily changed from spray jet to stream.

Hot Water High Pressure Washers

RE581 Hot Water High Pressure Washers

Hot water high pressure cleaners from STIHL are in demand wherever really stubborn dirt has to be loosened and removed - on vehicles, in industry, on construction sites and on the farm.

Large Size Range High Pressure Washers

RE 471PLUS High Pressure Washers

STIHL professional cleaners are robust, durable and produce powerful pressure. With well thought-out technical features to give an outstanding life span. Intelligent details for maximum operating and working comfort, and also featuring additional highlights, making them capable of coping with all cleaning tasks without trouble.

Mid Range High Pressure Washers

RE 142 High Pressure Washers

The mid-sized high-pressure cleaner really stands out, with its surprisingly compact design and impressive performance. It is ideal for a variety of uses, such as in workshops and garages. A compact nozzle system, featuring a bayonet mount, enables the quick and easy exchange of nozzles. In addition, an integrated wheel set makes these units fully mobile.