Stihl Sprayers

Stihl Sprayers
Stihl Sprayers
SG 20 Manual Backpack Sprayer
Backpack Blower/Sprayer Accessories
15 cm Extension Pipe

The manual sprayers are ideal for tending to smaller and medium sized areas. While the 1.6 litre SG 10 sprayers is exceptionally suited to precision work, the SG 20, with its large 18 litre tank, is best for more intensive applications. These robust tools offer a major benefit; by being manually operated, they precise yet can be used for a variety of applications.

SG 10
Practical manual sprayer with a 1.6 liter tank for house and garden owners. For the simple and accurate application of crop protection agents and fertilizer in smaller plots.

SG 20
Manual backpack sprayer with a large 18 liter tank and sturdy fittings. For the accurate applications of crop protection agents and fertilizer in larger plots. Perfect for private users with big garden, but also for proffesionals.

15 cm Extension Pipe
Ideal for using the SG 10 manual sprayer for spraying hard-to-reach plants such as thorny hedges or roses.

SG10 SG20
Weight (kg)* 0.6 5.2
Tank Capacity (l) 1.6 18
Pressure Gauge -