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Hammer Mill

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  1. This Trapp Hammer Mill & Shredder is ideal for animal feed as well as for hammon consumption. Cutting and crushing fodder, grinding of cereal seeds and husks, strip corn and sugarcane. We recommend that you perform several passes to improve the decomposition.

    Provided with:
    1 x Hopper (13 Litres)
    5 x Strainers (4 secured to the box: 0,8; 3; 5; 12mm and 1 x "0" flat strainer in the shredder)
    Power 6HP
    Type Petrol
    Tank Capacity 3 Litres
    Oil Capacity in Sump 600ml
    Rotations 3200rpm
    Number of Hammers 10
    Type Movable
    Number of Blades 2
    Production 700/1400Kg/h

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