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    Top of the range sweeper with battery technology

    Cordless sweeping machine for large areas both indoors and outdoors. STIHL MultiClean PLUS sweeping system, 8-fold central height adjustment, lateral wheels, transport handle, stored upright to save space, ergonomically-shaped 2-fold height adjustment push bar, battery power for circular brushes and power sweep makes for easy and energy-saving work. This enables thorough cleaning of edges and corners, even when the machine is stationary. Container capacity 50 l, sweep width 77 cm, weight 16.0 kg.

    Technical data

    Sweeping width cm 77
    Volume, waste container l 50
    Weight without battery kg 1) 16
    Theoretical sweeping performance m2/h 3.250
    Battery life time AP 100 min 2) up to 70

    1) Without battery 
    2) Battery life times are approximate and may vary depending on application 

    Available Accessories 

    AP115 Battery

    AP120 Battery

    AP160 Battery

    AL100 Charger

    AL300 Quick Charger

    AL500 hi-speed Charger

1 Item results

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