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  1. DIY Brick machine, making standard stock bricks used in all interior parts of the country

    Output per drop 6
    Production per day 3000


    This mould produces Stock Bricks

    Dimensions: 73 x 220 x 105 mm



    The Stock brick is used as a standard building unit. It can be used for interior walls, exterior walls, foundations, boundary walls, etc. Many builders prefer stock bricks to cavity block for a more "solid" wall.

  2. Converts an egg-laying Jumbo MK2 brick-maker into a static machine producing units onto pallets instead.

    The static adaptor simulates a ground surface & instead of the brick machine resting on wheels, it is placed onto the static adaptor. With a static adaptor, you will also have the option of adding a second vibrator motor to the pallet tray for added ventral vibration. This is recommended for paver moulds.

    With a static adaptor, it could be beneficial to obtain a roller-conveyor (browse the equipment) but is not a requirement. 


  3.  This code applies to a 2 metre section of adjustable roller conveyor. Depending on the distance you wish to convey your production, will determine the total length you need. (Ideal is a total of 8 metres) these are all-weather units, relatively maintenance free.

  4. The Brick Trolley helps transport the bricks & blocks from the production area to the curing area. It's also a good general purpose transport trolley in any brickyard.

  5. The current Doubell Jumbo MK2 brick machine is a 3rd revision model since it was designed in 1989.

    Old Jumbo MK2 brick machine

    Since that time, the model has undergone 3 Revisions to ensure strength & stability. The modern Jumbo MK2 offers the sturdiest design while maintaining the interchangeable mould feature. 

    Steel brackets keeps the mould box steady while guided along two shafts on either side

    Braking system stabilises wheels to minimise movement during the compaction process.

    Large springs add tension to the handles to keep mould box steady

    Locking mechanisims safe guard against accidental release

    Large wheel diameter makes the load bearing wheels easy to push

    Bearing wheels allow for easy & fluid movement of the Jumbo Machine                

    Output per drop 5
    Production per day 2500


    This mould produces Rectangular Bevel Edged Pavers 65mm

    Dimensions: 100 x 200 x 65 mm



    Rectangular Bevel Edged Pavers. The 65mm height option allows for common walkways & light to moderate sized vehicles

  7. Doubell DIY block making hand-mould, making retaining wall blocks with an emerald shaped pattern. The machine creates a ridge in the block to stop blocks above from sliding forward.

    Output per drop 1
    Production per day 500


    This mould produces Retaining Wall Block - Emerald

    Dimensions: 340 x 450 x 220 mm


    Retaining Wall Block - Emerald style. This wall block is used to hold back embanked earth that is prone to slide in heavy rains. On this style, there is a raised front lip to prevent blocks behind from shifting forward, which allows for steeper stacking angles.

  8. DIY Maxi Blocks making machine, making solid maxi blocks (not to be confused with maxi BRICKS).

    Output per drop 5
    Production per day 1500


    This mould produces Maxi Block

    Dimensions: 90 x 140 x 290 mm


    The Maxi Block is a solid building block. This should not be confused with the Maxi BRICK


  9. Doubell DIY brick making Hand-Mould, making modular building blocks, but with a indented "lock frog". This creates a much stronger wall when building by increasing the mortar lock between blocks.

    Output per drop 2
    Production per day 1000


    This mould produces Modular Building Block Solid with Indentation

    Dimensions: 150 x 150 x 300 mm



    This concrete masonry unit is a solid modular building block, but has an indentation for an improved mortar lock when building.

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