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  1. Very light hedge trimmer with integrated battery

    A very light cordless hedge trimmer with good cutting performance for trimming branches in your home's outdoor spaces. Single-sided cutter blade with 24 mm tooth spacing, integrated cut protection, screw-on tip protector, integrated battery with charge level indicator. Weight: 2.3 kgb. Battery charging time: 145 min/210 min (80%/100%).

    Technical data

    Cutting length cm 50
    Rated voltage V 18
    Tooth spacing mm 24,1

  2. Cordless Brushcutter with integrated battery

    Compact cordless brushcutter for straightforward trimming and clearing work in outdoor areas at home. Integrated battery with charge level indicator, shaft and loop handle offering tool-free adjustment, adjustable mowing unit working angle (useful for vertical edge trimming among other tasks), easy to switch between PolyCut blades and mowing lines without changing the mowing head, spacer bracket.

    Technical data

    Cutting tool PolyCut 2-2
    Weight kg 1) 2,3
    Total length cm 2) 110

    1) Including battery 
    2) without tools 

  3. Manoeuvrable blower with integrated battery

    Easily manoeuvrable cordless blower for cleaning small outdoor areas at home. Round nozzle, integrated battery with charge level indicator, wall holder with charging function for practical storage whilst also charging the tool.

    Technical data

    Rated voltage V 18
    Weight kg 1) 2
    Blowing force N 2) 5
    Airspeed m/s 38
    Battery life time min 3) up to 10

    1) including battery 
    2) Combination of airspeed and air throughput 
    3) Battery life are approximate and may vary depending on application 

  4. Cordless shrub shears

    Cordless shrub shears with shrub cutter to trim and maintain small, evergreen hedges and small-leafed ornamental trees with up to 8 mm branch thickness. With a grass trimmer for cutting grass edging around the patio, flower bed and edges of the house. Ergonomic, rubberised handle, double-stroke blade for a powerful cut and low vibration, weight 0.6 kg. Battery fits only the HSA 25.

    Technical data

    Weight kg 0,6
    Total length cm 50
    Shrub shear blade length cm 20
    Battery life time min up to 110
    Rated voltage V 11

4 Items results

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